Attention: influenza season 2021-2022

With the arrival of cold weather comes the season of colds and flu. Last year, the pandemic virus (COVID-19) supplanted other viruses, and influenza viruses were almost never encountered also because we had active preventive measures – masks, distancing, the use of sanitizers, etc. Moreover, this season, the danger is not excluded. flu epidemics, as few were sick last year and the “immune layer” did not form, which makes people more vulnerable to this infection. By November-December, when the incidence traditionally rises, experts expect a serious increase in the number of infected. Type A (H3N2) influenza is predicted to prevail. There is a high probability that the epidemiological situation will worsen in the coming months.

Experts warn that simultaneous infection with coronavirus and influenza (the so-called mixed infection) will make the course of each disease more difficult, create a serious burden on the body and increase the risk of complications and deaths.

Avoiding serious consequences and preventing a large-scale epidemic of influenza and co-infection is only possible with the help of vaccination.

If you still have typical flu symptoms or as a prophylaxis after contact with a sick flu, there are specific antiviral drugs with proven efficacy, namely FLUSTOP (oseltamivir) from ACADEMPHARM.

Remember: a disease is easier to prevent than to cure! Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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