Team building ACADEMPHARM – 2021

CADEMPHARM is a close-knit and friendly team not only at work, but also at rest!

This is confirmed by the unusual weekend spent in the Berezinsky nature reserve (July 2021).

Our corporate event (Teambuilding – 2021) was held in Flint’s Treasure style, 80 people took part, including the children of our employees. The pirate atmosphere, the spirit of adventure and unusual missions have brought us even more together. At the end of the competition day, we fought in laser tag, and according to the results, the team of the marketing department + the chief power engineer won!

The next day we went on an excursion to the Museum of Nature of the Berezinsky Reserve with a visit to the Health Trail and an open-air cage with animals.

The corporate visit was organized in honor of summing up the results of the company’s successful work in the first half of the year. The main task of the unusual corporate party was to form a team spirit among employees, to renew motivation to achieve their goals.