Attention! The flu is coming!



Influenza activity (types and subtypes) of influenza viruses (types and subtypes) – influenza activity – at the off-season level, but during the last few weeks of 2021 (36th-39th) there has been a significant increase in the number of cases of influenza viruses with a predominance of A (H3).

All over the world, the drugs of choice for the treatment and post-exposure prophylaxis of influenza with a proven direct antiviral effect are neuraminidase inhibitors, in particular – oseltamivir – Flustop, 75 mg capsules No. 10, manufactured by ACADEMPHARM. Flustop is made from the officially certified WHO substance Cipla, India. Flustop is available from pharmacies without a prescription!

Watch out for symptoms! Take care of yourself and your loved ones!