Prescription drugs ACADEMPHARM can be bought without a prescription!

Dear Citizens!


Since January 31, 2021, most of ACADEMPHARM’s PRESCRIPTION drugs can be bought in a pharmacy for full price WITHOUT a PRESCRIPTION.

The prerequisites for these changes were the desire to facilitate access to medicines for patients at risk for Covid – 19 – elderly people with chronic diseases and other risk groups. This measure is being introduced temporarily, for the period of the spread of the Covid-19 infection (according to the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus).

The list of drugs that can be bought WITHOUT a prescription at full price from 01/31/2021 for the period of the spread of the Covid infection – 19

фармацевт в Барнауле, Алтайского края

      1. Valsartan – NAN

      2. Valsamlodin

      3. Ko-Valsartan

      4. Lozartan – NAN

      5. LOZAR-N

      6. Candesartan-NAN

      7. Nebivol – NAN

      8. Lerka-NAN

      9. Rozutatin

      10. Diadeon

We wish you health! Take care of yourself!