Teambuilding 2020 at ACADEMPHARM: kayaking!

On July 18, 2020, the trade union committee together with the administration of the State Enterprise “AKADEMFARM” organized a sports event – kayaking on the Iliya River.

Participants were able to fully enjoy the picturesque nature, feel like a team, overcoming water obstacles.

The participants covered twelve kilometers of the river bed in four hours. For newbies, this proved to be a difficult test. But we did it!

The bathhouse at the parking lot helped relieve fatigue and allowed to start a new challenge with fresh energy – a sports competition, where the Nebivolol team won.

A delicious dinner and songs with a guitar around the fire were a pleasant end to this day. Our team managed to achieve the main goal of the event: to unite, get to know each other better, reboot and get a lot of new unforgettable impressions.

Thanks to the organizers and management of the State Enterprise “ACADEMFARM” for an incredible adventure !!!


Our daring rafting on Eli-

Everything was like an idyll!

There were kayaks, a kebab,

Tents, stars, picnic.

The team rallied amicably,

Giving the sea of emotions!